Blessing or curse?

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Is salt good for me?  The standard response from your GP/Medico will probably be – NO SALT!
Doesn’t help with those leg cramps at all, huh!
Fact is, there is a lot of added salt in manufactured foods – far more than your body needs.
Another fact is that removing Salt from your home-prepared food is not a good thing if you have taken the path of eating more healthily – ie no fast food or processed food with salt added.
Of course, avoiding fast food and processed food, salt or not, is a definite step in the direction of staying healthy.

What happens if you leave salt out of the food you are cooking?

If boiling, a process called osmotic pressure ensures the minerals in your food will be passed into the un-salted water you are cooking with. Keep the minerals at home where they will be available to your body by adding some salt to the water. By doing this you increase the osmotic tension of the cooking water, reducing or preventing mineral loss from the food. Simple, really. And the water is discarded after cooking.

Table saltWhy do we like salt?  Well, it adds a flavor to food, but in excess can cause serious metabolic problems, so, some, but not a lot, OK.

Excess salt causes fluid retention (bloating, oedema, etc), but this may be related to imbalance of the Sodium/Potassium relationship in your body. If these are still a problem after seriously reducing salt in your diet, perhaps try adding potassium to your diet.  Problem persists? – time to see that GP/Medico.

Question: What fruit is rich in Potassium. Answer: Bananas, of course. Should you feel the salt is a bit out of control, have a banana!

Getting back to those leg cramps, another bio-relationship is the Magnesium/Calcium balance, so if you have reduced your salt intake but having problems like Cramp, it may be worth using a simple Calcium/Magnesium supplement on a daily basis. An excellent Calcium/Magnesium supplement can be found on this site. Enter “Calcium/Magnesium” in search panel.

We hope you have found this article of interest and benefit.

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