That Feel Good Feeling

Don’t be a victim, take control of your health maintenance to better qualify for longer life and better health

Salt – salarius – Romans knew better!

Salt. Blessing or curse? Is salt good for me?  The standard response from your GP/Medico will probably be – NO SALT! Doesn’t help with those leg cramps at all, huh! Fact is, there is a lot of added salt in manufactured foods – far more than your body needs. Another fact is that removing Salt […]

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A Tale of Aspirin and Friends

Aspirin has a long history of being a positive resource in the relief of pain. Recent “expert” opinions have played on both side of the fence – is it good or is it bad? Learn more about the issues here.

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Future Shock – The Price Of Good Health

In a rapidly changing world, health maintenance has become a central issue as governments reduce spending.
We take our good health for granted, and do little or nothing to ensure that good health stays. Here are directions to your Good Health Maintenance.

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